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Dongguan Fukuno Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
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주요 제품:CNC 가공 모듈 하우징, 맞춤형 CNC 이동 디스크, CNC 자동화 장비 부품, CNC 자동차 부품, CNC 의료 부품 브래킷 조인트
Design-based customizationFinished product inspectionSupplier assessment proceduresQuality management certified

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Dongguan Fukuno precision technology Co., LTD, a professional OEM & ODM machining manufacturer, specializes in high-mix & low-volume product. With first-class technology and experienced staffs, we offer excellent quality at a competitive price in a short lead time according to our customers' requirements. Our main services are machining, prototyping and surface finishing. Our main products are widely applied in medical, aerospace, optoelectronic communication, automation and other fields, and have gained a good reputation from our customers. To ensure and improve product quality, we have obtained ISO9001 certification. "Customer First, Quality Based, Full Attention, Keep Improving" is Fukuno's consistent goal.